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January 30, 2019

I launched the CSRL website [ ] and newsletter late in 1997 as a pre-retirement hobby, on my own dime and on my own time. Over the period from1997 to the summer of 2018, I enjoyed collecting thousands of links of interest to share with my fellow social researchers.

Now, I'm getting long in the tooth, and my site and newsletter haven't evolved with the newer technologies over time. Also, I don't have access to the mailing list for my weekly newsletter, so I couldn't even notify the 2800 subscribers to my newsletter that I was no longer updating my work on the site and newsletter Truth be told, I should have retired my site and newsletter last summer when I started having frustrating techie problems (and no resident 14-year-old whiz kid at home to help me fix those problems.) Instead, I've been sitting on the fence, unable to decide to actually go ahead and retire this project of mine. And now is the time to act.

I've had a brief exchange with some outside resources regarding the possibility of archiving (but not updating) my website & newsletter on their Web and Mail servers. I'll keep you posted...

Gilles Seguin
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What's New on this site?
June 25, 2018



* Key provincial/territorial govt. welfare links* (674 links)

- links to everything you ever wanted to know about welfare in each province and territory on a single page: Department responsible, program name, statute and regulation(s), policy manual, welfare rates, stats, etc...


Anti-poverty strategies and poverty reduction campaigns:
--- Provincial and territorial information (1072 links)
--- Ontario information (629 links)
--- National/federal & international information (914 links)














The Canada Social Report:
A Compendium of Social Information

This Maytree report includes (by province and territory) welfare incomes, poverty reduction strategies, # of welfare cases and beneficiaries, welfare program descriptions and much more!

NOTE : Links in this box will take you to external websites.

Govt. information and accountability links
(from DemocracyWatch)


Government Information and Accountabilty Links
(from the Democracy Education Network)

--- - Keeping tabs on Canada's Parliament


Policy Monitor Canada is a cost effective government relations monitoring and lobbying service which tracks client legislative, regulatory, and public affairs issues across Canada.


Direct Links to Top Media Sites and Blogs

** Huffington Post Canada * Press Progress * Canadian Progressives Aggregator * CANADALAND * National Observer * Progressive Economics Forum Blog * NewsMap Canada * 3D Policy * * National Newswatch * Canadian Dimension * Bourque Newswatch Canada * Google Canada News * iPolitics * CBC News * CTV ** Ottawa Citizen * Ottawa Sun * Hill Times * National Newswatch * The Mark * Embassy Magazine * Globe and Mail * Toronto Star * Toronto Post * Toronto Sun * CNN * CPAC Online * Montreal Gazette* * BlogsCanada * Canadian Blog Directory * Progressive Bloggers * The Canadian Charger * Open Media * Al Jazeera * Warren Kinsella * Alex Himelfarb * Miles Corak * John Stapleton
[... more blogs & media links ... ]

Contents of this newsletter:

Low-income adults in the informal service economy : Tax cheats…or survivors and community builders? (By John Stapleton and Christine Yip) - August 2018


Why should low-income adults have to pass up government benefits? (By John Stapleton and Christine Yip) - June 2018


Ten things about Carey Doberstein’s book on homelessness governance (By Nick Falvo - June 6, 2018)


Increasing the Minimum Wage in Ontario: A Flawed Anti-Poverty Policy - June 19 (Canada Free Press / Fraser Institute)


City of Toronto social research resources and products


Cornell University study: raising the minimum wage doesn't hurt the restaurant industry - January 15, 2016


Final report of the Advisory Committee on Homelessness - June 11 (Employment and Social Development Canada)


Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his mission to the United States of America


Working for a Living Wage 2018 - April 25 (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - CCPA)


What's New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:

--- June 22, 2018
Consumer Price Index, May 2018

--- June 21, 2018
Employment Insurance, April 2018

--- June 19, 2018
Adult and youth correctional statistics in Canada, 2016/2017

--- June 14, 2018
Canada's population estimates, First quarter 2018

--- June 13, 2018
Study: Recent changes in the composition of minimum wage workers, First quarter of 2017 to first quarter of 2018

--- June 13, 2018
General Social Survey, Cycle 30: Canadians at Work and Home: Public Use Microdata Files, 2016

--- June 8, 2018
Labour Force Survey, May 2018


--- Women's Economic Security : Securing the Future of Canada's Economy
Report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women
June 2018

--- What's new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit - June 24

--- CRINMAIL (weekly children's rights newsletter) - June 24

Media & Policy News : 22 June 2018
This latest media alert arrived too late for me to highlight some links to special content, so here's the next best thing: the link to Jennefer's online resources for the week ending June 22.

THANKS, Jennefer!
(Jennefer Laidley, Income Security Advocacy Centre - Toronto)


What was new before that?
This is a link to (a) the online version of the latest issue of the Canadian Social Research Newsletter and (b) the complete CSRN archive right back to 2005.


The Political Compass
Read the blurb on the main page of this site, then take the (entirely anonymous) five-minute test. It will tell you where YOU are on the political compass.
- includes a list of influential thinkers who think like you, based on your test results...

Check google pagerank for
Rating for

"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by
how many times I fell and got back up again."

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948

What's New across Canada
100+ direct links to What's New pages on Canadian social research websites (govt. & NGO)

Statistics Canada - the mother ship for Canadian statistics

The Daily (from StatsCan)

Release schedule
1. Click the link in the previous line, then click "Apply", then select a date to see all products released on that date back to 2012.

Income Security Advocacy Centre
Media and Policy News archive

- extensive collection from April 2012 to February 2018

Media & Policy News Collection - read the latest 20 weeks' worth of newsletters [ Toronto - Ontario - Canada - (some) international ]

What's New elsewhere in the world
50+ direct links to What's New pages on U.S. and international government and NGO websites

Poverty Dispatch - U.S.
[Content updated on weekdays.]
- links to news items back to July 2006, mostly from the American press, about poverty, homelessness, welfare reform, child welfare, education, health, hunger, Medicare and Medicaid, etc.

Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)
[ University of Wisconsin-Madison ]
- Keeping tabs on Canada's Parliament

Numbers in parentheses (--) below represent the number of links on each page.
[- some links appear on more than one page -]

Pages of links organized by jurisdiction


All Canadian federal, provincial and territorial government home pages on one page (14) 
Federal government - general (202)
Prorogation (97)
Gouvernement fédéral (84) - présentation des sites en français
The Harper Government™ Record [Lest We Forget] (270)
Open government
Federal government - departments:
--- Agriculture to Environment (328)
--- Finance (468)
--- Fisheries and Oceans to Veterans Affairs (626)
Employment and Social Development Canada (452) - incl. Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, Social Insurance Number, etc.
From Health and Welfare Canada to Employment and Social Development Canada : What's in a Name?

Employment Insurance (272) (incl. historical UI/EI reports)
Federal [social spending] Caps and Cuts, 1972-1995
Health - Canadian and international (683)
The unofficial [national] Social Union / NCB page (351)
The government debate about the cost of Medicare (383)
The Federal Government's Role in Poverty Reduction in Canada (20)
(part of the national antipoverty links page of this site)

Provincial/territorial (P/T)

Council of the Federation - provincial-territorial (74)
Departments responsible for welfare (13)
Welfare policy manuals (107)
Social Union - P/T pages (241)
Council of the Federation (98)

Newfoundland and Labrador (224) 
Prince Edward Island (171)
Nova Scotia (387)
New Brunswick (389)  [version française (30)]
Quebec(598)  [version française (473)]
--- Guide to welfare in Ontario (145)
--- Provincial government (822) - including minimum wage
--- NGO/Municipal govt. [A-C] (687) 
--- NGO/Municipal govt. [D-N] (626)
--- NGO/Municipal govt. [O-Z] (1170)
--- Poverty reduction in Ontario (561)
--- Review of social assistance in Ontario (328)
--- The Ontario Special Diet Allowance (45)
--- The Drummond Commission report
--- Drug testing people who apply for or receive welfare
--- Spouse-in-the-house (54) (welfare cohabitation rules for single people & single parents) 
--- Gouvernement de l'Ontario - page d'accueil (version française) (31)
British Columbia
--- Provincial government (631) 
--- NGO [A-C] (442)
--- NGO [D-W] (511)
--- Welfare Time Limits (94)
--- 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Poverty Olympics (73)
Northwest Territories (148)

American links

Donald Trump

U.S. government social research (847)
--- Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States (2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014) - Archive
U.S. non-governmental social research [A-J] (873)
U.S. non-governmental social research [M-Z] (625)
Pension reforms (254) - incl. retirement pension reforms in Canada, the U.S. and Chile
Poverty measures - U.S. and other international resources (744)

Social research elsewhere in the world
Government (1278)
Non-government (1021)
 Children and Families - International - incl. U.S. (831)
Women's sites - International (430)

Municipal Links
Municipalities (380)

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My personal collection of dictionaries, online translation facilities, style and grammar guides, Internet research tools and tutorials, search engines, maps, time, etc.

--- even The Mercer Report
--- and Dilbert.

Government of Canada online resource:

Resources of the Language Portal of Canada
This one-stop window for free language resources provides Canadians with a wide range of writing tools, quizzes and links to help them improve their English and French.

Version française:
Ressources du Portail linguistique du Canada


404 Fury?
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Virus and Virus Hoax Resources (70)
My personal collection of links to info on viruses and virus hoaxes, as well as free online tools to help you and me...
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Census Watch

Organizations and individuals AGAINST and FOR the Harper position on the cancellation of the Long Form of the 2011 Census:
* 488 AGAINST.
* 11 FOR.

Join the fight to save the Long Form Census in Canada!

Canadian Social Research Links
Census 2011 questionnaire links page

[ 500 links! ]

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear.
Optimism is better than despair.
So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.
And we’ll change the world."

Jack Layton's letter to Canadians ]


R.I.P. Jack Layton, 1950-2011
August 20, 2011
Canada will miss you, Jack.

Pages of links organized alphabetically by theme

Indigenous Peoples (498) - formerly Aboriginal People / First Nations
Anti-poverty strategies and poverty reduction:
--- Provincial and territorial information (1072 links) - Except Ontario
--- Ontario information (629 links)
--- National/federal & international information (914 links)
Asset-based social policies (368)
Banks and business (253) - includes CEO incomes and Wal-Mart
Brain drain (56)
Canadian government budgets (+analysis/critique)
[incl. federal, provincial and territorial budgets]:
--- 2018
--- 2017 (103)
--- 2016 (125)
--- 2015 (160)
--- 2014 (374)
--- 2013 (345)
--- 2012 (202)
--- 2011 (424)
--- 2010 (356)
--- 2009 (396)
--- 2008 (298)
--- 2007 (245)
--- 2006 (188)
--- 2005 (243)
--- 2004 (204)
Canada Assistance Plan / Canada Health and Social Transfer /
Canada Health Transfer / Canada Social Transfer
Canada Pension Plan (see "Employment and Social Development Canada" in the left column)
Canada Social Report (Maytree)
Canada’s Economic Action Plan (156)
Canadiana (132) - incl. Canada country reports, history links, U.S.-Canada studies, etc.
Canadian history links (24) [NOTE: this is part of the Canadiana Links page]
Case law / Court decisions / Inquests (201)
Census - see "Social statistics" further down in this column
Census : the 2011 long-form questionnaire (443)
--- mandatory long form vs voluntary survey
Children, Families and Youth:
--- Campaign 2000 Child Poverty Report Cards (2010 to 2015)
--- National/federal government sites (220)
- [includes the Canada Child Tax Benefit Guideline Table, July 2014 to June 2015]
--- Canadian non-governmental organizations (602)
--- International resources(831)
--- Children's rights (CRIN) (458)
------ CRINMAIL Archives I [2014] (50)
------ CRINMAIL Archives II [2011 to 2013] (260+)
--- Early learning and child care - govt. links [aka early childhood development] (415)
--- Early learning and child care - NGO links (719)
Chilean pension model - see Pension Reforms (below)
Conferences and events (498) + special designated days/weeks/months/years + past conferences
Conservative omnibus crime bill (2011)
Council of the Federation (74)
--- 2015 federal election (689)
--- 2011 federal election (574)
--- 2008 federal election (393)
--- 2006 federal election (303)
--- 2004 federal election (316)
--- Provincial-territorial elections (273)
Employment (finding) (part of ESDC Links page)
Employment Insurance (272) (incl. historical reports on UI/EI and job vacancies)
Federal [social spending] Caps and Cuts, 1972-1995
Federal government's role in poverty reduction in Canada (20)
Flat tax(37) 
Food banks and hunger (589)
G8 / G20- Globalization (744)
Gambling - social costs (42)
Guaranteed annual income (362)
The Harper Government™ Record [Lest We Forget] (220)
The Harper Government™ Alphabet of Shame (313)
Health - Canada and international (683)
Homelessness and housing(1501) 
Human rights(631)
Inequality (income/wealth) (717)
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October) (31)
Labour market info - incl. Summer Jobs 2015 (part of ESDC Links page)
Labour Market Agreements
Legislation and law (15)
Media (124)
- Media scan of social issues by Jennefer Laidley
Medicare - the future of health care (383)
Minimum wage / living wage links
Municipalities (380)
National Child Benefit - see "Social Union", below
National Council of Welfare (R.I.P.) (incl. links to 150+ NCW reports)
Non-governmental organizations:
--- Canada (522)
--- U.S. [A-J (873)]
--- U.S.[M-Z (625)]
--- International (1021)
--- Provincial/territorial NGOs ==> select a jurisdiction in the left column of this page
Old Age Security - see "Human Resources and Skills Development Canada" in the left column
Pension reforms (254) - incl. retirement pension reforms in Canada, the U.S. and Chile
Political parties - see "Elections" (above)
Pooled Registered Pension Plans
Poverty measures:
- Canadian resources (429)
- U.S. and other international resources (744)
Self-sufficiency project (35) 
Poverty reduction initiatives - see Anti-Poverty Strategies and Campaigns
Prorogation - 2010 (107)
Social Finance and Social Impact Bonds (26)
Social Insurance Number (part of the HRSDC Links page)
Social research organizations I (600)
Social research organizations II (418)
Social statistics (1000+) - (incl. Census, poverty, income, welfare, population, crime & justice, social security, health, etc.)
Social Union / National Child Benefit (NCB):
--- The unofficial [national] Social Union / NCB page (351)
--- The unofficial [provincial/territorial] Social Union / NCB page  (241)
Socialist sites (62)
Socioweb [external site : Sociology]
Spouse-in-the-house (41) - (Ontario welfare)
Tobin tax and Robin Hood tax (55)
Taxes and Tax Freedom Day (28)
United Nations links (774)
--- International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October)
Voluntary sector / charities (165)
Welfare (social assistance):
--- Depts. responsible for welfare (13)
--- key provincial/territorial links (1072) - incl. welfare stats and benefit levels
--- policy manuals (107)
--- fraud (10)
--- welfare reforms in Canada (289)
--- selected historical texts about welfare in Canada
--- Working Paper on Social Security in Canada - April 1973 (PDF - 3.6MB, 57 pages)
--- welfare leavers (40)
--- welfare statistics:
***** national stats
***** provincial stats (6 provinces post current welfare dependency stats on their respective websites.)
--- Welfare Incomes:
*****Welfare in Canada 2015 (November 2016)
***** Welfare in Canada 2014
***** Welfare in Canada 2013
*****Welfare in Canada 2012
***** Welfare Incomes 2011
***** All earlier editions of "Welfare incomes" (back to 1989)
***** Welfare in Canada : The Tangled Safety Net (PDF) - 2.7MB, 131 pages, 1987
(The original welfare incomes report)
--- review of social assistance in Ontario
--- Three Essays on Social Assistance in Canada:
A Multidisciplinary Focus on Ontario Singles
2015 (Nick Falvo)
-- drug testing people who apply for or receive welfare
--- welfare time limits - British Columbia (94) 
--- Canada Assistance Plan / Canada Health and Social Transfer / Canada Social Transfer (312)
--- The 1994 Social Security Review (6)
--- Social Assistance and Related Programs, 1994 (500 pages)
--- Wikipedia articles on poverty and welfare (24)
--- "Working Joe" vs "Welfare Joe"--- reality check
--- welfare in Canada vs the U.S. - NOT the same thing!

Women's social issues:
--- Canadian government women's sites (257)
--- Canadian non-governmental women's organization sites (502)
--- International women's sites (350)
Work-Life Balance (245)

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Try the Stroop Effect...
Very funny perception game that I found on the Ontario Science Centre website.


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- beautiful HD video : time-lapse film of the Arctic Light, peaceful seascapes and mesmerizing piano. Best viewed full-screen (click the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen).


Need more silliness in your day/life?
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Ottawa Links

For Ottawans, like me, or anyone seeking information about Ottawa:

Weather Conditions in Ottawa
--- [ elsewhere in Canada ]
City of Ottawa (municipal government home page)
Hydro Ottawa Power Outages
Find a Health Services Professional in Ottawa (or anywhere else in Canada ) by postal code
Ottawa blogs from OttawaStart
Social Planning Council of Ottawa
Community Information Center of Ottawa
Green Ottawa
Ottawa Kiosk
Flyerland Ottawa (flyers, coupons, catalogues, contests, etc.) - Canadian online shopping - Find houses/ apartments for rent in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton and other cities across Canada
Canada National Gas Price Heat Map
Vanished Ottawa - historical photos of "old" Ottawa
Local free classifieds sites:
- Kijiji Ottawa
- FreeCycle Ottawa
- craigslist Ottawa
- Used cars in Ottawa [ from ]
- - Ottawa
- Khrido Ottawa
Yalwa Ottawa Business Directory
Askalo - Discover Ottawa
Take it Back! - where to dispose of non-recyclables in Ottawa (automotive - garden supplies - health - electronics - household products)
Recycling/composting in Ottawa - City of Ottawa info including collection calendar
Recycle your electronics
Ottawa Movies - showtimes, locations, trailers, reviews
The Internet Movie Database
Current Time in Ottawa
CTV Ottawa (formerly CJOH)
CBC Ottawa
Ottawa Radio Stations - live feeds
Bank Street Bully - Ottawa's Finest?


Ottawa webcams:

Highway 417 (Queensway) Traffic Cams - from CBC Ottawa
- links to 11 cameras, from the 417 split in the East End to the 416 split in the West End
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway 417 Traveller's Road Information
(click the "traffic cameras" box)
- Same cameras as the link above but slower to use; includes more road info
Ottawa Municipal Traffic Video - links to traffic webcams at dozens of intersections throughout Ottawa.
Interactive Traffic Map: Ottawa
Parliament Hill Webcam
- Four words: Like. Watching. Paint. Dry


Canadian Social Research Links
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Scout Report for Social Sciences and Humanities

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Happy "retirement" to the Canadian Social Research Guy
(October 2003)
From my friend Barbara Anello
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My web authoring tools
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