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Miscellaneous Provisions


No special provisions.

Prince Edward Island

As a condition of eligibility, an applicant or beneficiary must explore resources which may be available from family members, including parents, grandparents, siblings or children over the age of majority; assistance given or offered by, or available from a family member to a beneficiary or applicant shall be considered as a financial resource of the applicant or beneficiary, unless it would be unreasonable to do so, in the Director's opinion.    Regulation 7(11)

Nova Scotia - Provincial

Where a trust fund established for a dependent child comprises income of the applicant or recipient for the purpose of computing the amount of benefits, that part of the trust fund shall be charged as income against the household (i.e., FBA eligibility cannot be created nor entitlement increased by setting up a dependent child trust fund using chargeable income).  (see also section 4.1) Regulation 49(2)

Nova Scotia - Municipal

No special provisions

New Brunswick

No special provisions


The following income is not included in the calculation of an applicant's financial resources:

a) an allowance paid by a rehabilitation centre to a beneficiary to facilitate attendance, or that a reception or hospital centre pays to a beneficiary enroled in a therapeutic program, up to the following amounts:

- a weekly amount established by section 161.1 of the Act respecting health and social services where the beneficiary is not a patient or residing on the premises;

- $25 monthly if the beneficiary is a resident on the premises;

b) income which ceases during the month in which an applicant who does not already receive assistance submits an application for the purposes of determining assistance for the following month;

c) benefits paid under the Parental Wage Assistance program and the Work Income Supplement program;

d) amounts received in accordance with programs established under Division IX of the Quebec Housing Corporation Act;

e) the amount of periodic payments made by a third party, up to $305 per month, to allow a beneficiary eligible for the Financial Support Program or the Work and Employment Incentives Program (see section 5.2.5) to reside in an establishment or a residence for retired or incapacitated persons.   Regulation 52(6,8,11,12)

Ontario - Provincial and Municipal

In the determination of eligibility for Family Benefits or General Welfare Assistance, the following types of income are excluded from the calculation of the financial resources of an applicant:

a) any payment or refund under section 7 of the Income Tax Act (Ontario Tax Credits);

b) any grant received under The Ontario Pensioners Property Tax Assistance Act;

c) any Handicapped Children's Benefits received (see section 6.3);

d) any payment received under Orders-in-Council made pursuant to section 5 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Act;

e) any payment received pursuant to the Indian Act (Canada) under a treaty between Her Majesty and an Indian Band;

f) assistance received under the General Welfare Assistance Act;

g) with respect to a CMHC mortgage renewal grant paid under the National Housing Act, the lesser of the average monthly amount of the grant or the amount by which the actual cost of shelter exceeds the following:

Number of Beneficiaries

1 $ 200

2 283

3 307

4 330

5 353

6 or more 377

(This provision is retroactive to September 1, 1982);

h) any payment made on or after February 1, 1983 under the Developmental Services Act, subsection 2(2), to persons who are "fostering" retarded adults;

i) any payment made under the Child Welfare Act with respect to adoption subsidies;

j) any payment made by an Indian Band as an incentive bonus for school attendance to any dependant of an applicant or recipient who is attending school;

k) any payment received from the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development or a band, for board and lodging of a student attending a secondary school not on the reserve;

l) any payment received under the Ministry of Community and Social Services Act; or    m) payments received under any of the following agreements to which Ontario is a party:

- Helpline Reconciliation Model Agreement

- Multi-Provincial/Territorial Assistance Program Agreement

- Grandview Agreement.

FBA Regulation 13(2); GWA Regulation 15(2)

Any payment received from the sale or other disposition of an asset shall be considered as income except that portion of the payment that is applied (or where the Director approves, will be applied) towards the purchase of a principal residence or the purchase of any other asset which in the Director's opinion is necessary for the health or welfare of the applicant or recipient or a dependent.   A limit of three months is provided to purchase the residence or other approved asset in all cases; a further three months may be approved by the area manager.    FBA Regulation 13(2)(12); GWA Regulation 15(2)(12); FBA Policy 0303-02 (p.7-8)

Manitoba - Provincial

The following income is excluded from the calculation of an applicant's financial resources:

a) payments from The Manitoba Cost of Living Tax Credit Plan and The Manitoba Property Tax Credit Plan pursuant to The Income Tax Act (Manitoba);

NOTE : If such payments are allowed to accumulate with no intention of immediate expenditure (as is often the case with institution­alized persons), they are subject to review in accordance with the allowable asset levels stipulated in the legislation (see section 4).    Policy E0-31-06

b) start-up and maintenance grants for providers of Family Day Care under The Manitoba Child Day Care Program.    Regulation 8(1)(b)

Manitoba - Municipal

Under the Municipal Assistance Regulation, income from the following sources is exempt from the determination of the financial resources of an applicant or recipient:

a) annual payments received in accordance with the Indian Act (Canada) under a treaty between her Majesty the Queen and an Indian band;

b) the Manitoba Cost of Living Tax Credit Plan and the Manitoba Property Tax Credit Plan under The Income Tax Act (Manitoba);

c) an incentive allowance from a work activity project under the Human Resources Opportunity Program;

d) start-up and operating grants for providers of family day care under the Manitoba Child Day Care Program.   Mun. Assist. Regulation (7)

The Municipal Assistance Regulation further stipulates that, subject to the requirements of the Canada Assistance Plan and regulations, where an applicant or recipient or a dependant of an applicant or recipient owns premises that are occupied by another person who pays no rent, or rent that is less than the market value of the occupancy of the premises, a municipality may include in the income of the applicant or recipient an amount that fairly represents the net value of the occupancy of the premises.   Mun. Assist. Regulation 9

In determining the financial resources of an applicant , all income on hand or on deposit, including income from certain sources which is exempt (see sections 3.1 to 3.8), is considered part of the applicant's liquid assets on the date of application, i.e., the total of all such income cannot exceed the appropriate asset exemption level (see section 4.1).

Provincial Regulation 8(2,1); Municipal Regulation 7(2) - eff. 04-93

In determining the financial resources of a recipient , any income which is totally or partially exempted (as per sections 3.1 to section 3.8) is excluded from such determination for the month during which it is received and, at the Director's discretion, for an additional reasonable period not exceeding 12 months.  Any income which remains unexpended at the end of such period shall be considered a liquid asset and subject to asset exemption policies (see section 4.1).   Provincial Regulation 8(2.2,2.3); Mun. Regulation 7(3,4) - eff. 04-93


The following are not included as income:

a) where the recipient or his spouse is 65 years of age or more, any grant received pursuant to The Senior Citizens' Heritage Program Act;

b) contributions to the costs of burials made by relatives other than the surviving spouse or the parent of a deceased child;

c) that portion of Family Income Plan benefits or Saskatchewan Income Plan benefits which exceeds the needs-tested entitlement under the Saskatchewan Assistance Plan;

d) any mortgage protection payments received pursuant to The Mortgage Protection Act calculated as and from September 1, 1986, ( except that where the sum of any such payments and regular shelter assistance - see section 5.2.8 - exceeds the actual mortgage payments of the household, the amount of the excess is considered a financial resource);

e) any other income, allowance, pension, revenue, gift or gratuity that in the minister's opinion should not be included in the calculation of financial resources. Regulation 28(2,3)

NOTE : Family Income Plan (FIP) benefits are considered part of the current month's Saskatchewan Assistance Plan benefits - See Section 6.3 for FIP program description.    Editorial Comment

Any moneys received under an agreement with respect to the settlement of outstanding treaty land entitlement claims or other land claims of Indian bands are considered as non exempt income.   Regulation 29A(6)-eff. 03-94


For social allowance clients only (i.e., does not apply to applicants), income is offset where expenditures have been incurred for items that would have been provided had the clients request them.    Policy 03-01-05

The following income is totally exempt:

- a remote area heating allowance

- a grant under the Alberta First Home Program

- a renter assistance grant

- money received from a housing authority established under the Alberta Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act for the payment of utilities (other than electricity)

- a business start-up grant or loan received from the federal or provincial government or from a non-profit organization

- the amount of an AISH benefit (see section 6.3) received which exceeds the client's social allowance entitlement

- an award, grant or prize given in recognition of outstanding academic or community achievement

- a payment received under the Co-ordinated Home Care Program Regulation

- a vocational training grant paid to a disabled person under the Vocational Training Grants, Donations and Loans Regulation

- a refunded damage deposit or a refunded deposit paid in respect of a utility or telephone

- money received as compensation for loss or damage to the client's property if the money is used to repair or replace the property within a reasonable time or used for another purpose approved by the Director

- a moving allowance provided by a landlord on termination of a tenancy agreement.   Regulation 7

British Columbia

Money paid by the minister to a handicapped person or to a trustee for the benefit of a handicapped person shall not be considered to be income if the money is paid pursuant to a written agreement to enable the handicapped person to live in the community instead of in an institution.   Regulation Schedule "B"(8.1) - effective 03-92


No special provisions

Northwest Territories

Money and goods received in accordance with the provisions of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement or any other land claims settlement are not considered as income in the determination of a household's financial resources.    Regulation 20(5)

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