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Review of Caseload


The amount of social assistance payable may be reviewed by an officer of the Department at least once every 12 months and more often if the recipient's circumstances change.  The officer may make adjustment with respect to underpayments of social assistance for a retroactive period not exceeding 6 months.    Regulation 12, 13; Policy Appendix "A" p.8

Not less than 25% of all manual pay cases are to be visited monthly.    Circular SA-15-87, effective 05-87

Regardless of the reason for assistance, long-term computer pay cases are to be visited once per year, provided there are no anticipated changes during the 12 month period.  Review of Computer Pay cases whose reason for assistance is unemployment must be done every four months, either through a home visit by the worker, an office appointment with the client or a self-declaration form sent to the client.  Short-term district office cases will continue to be monitored more closely, in accordance with home visit guidelines established by district managers.    Circular SA-36-92 (Nov. 10/92)

Prince Edward Island

Where an application has been approved and assistance is being paid, the Director, whenever he considers there may be a change in circumstances (minimum once per year for long term assistance), shall cause a review to be made of the beneficiary's circumstances, to determine if he is still eligible for assistance and the amount of the assistance for which he may be eligible. For recipients of short term assistance, assistance is granted for a period not exceeding four months; if the recipient re-applies for assistance, the Director may take a new application to determine need.    Regulation 27

Case audits will be conducted on a random or continuous basis to determine the validity of information provided by an applicant; the Director shall report regularly to the Minister on the conduct of such audits.    Regulation 6(3)

Nova Scotia - Provincial

A comprehensive review of a recipient's eligibility must be undertaken at least once per year for all cases except those deemed to be "static".  Areas of review must include financial, social and family circumstances and employability, medical condition and support (maintenance), if applicable.  In static cases, the field worker is required to visit only once every three years for the review, but an annual statement must be completed by or on behalf of each such client.    Policy 05-07-05, 06, 07

Home visits are required at a minimum in the following situations:

- where an application or re-application is referred to the caseworker for assessment,

- annual review,

- any time a recipient changes address,

- at the request of the FBA supervisor, or

- whenever the caseworker deems that a change in the household's circumstances warrants a visit.    Policy 05-07-05

Nova Scotia - Municipal

The Social Assistance Regulations require municipal welfare administrators to review a recipient's circumstances semi-annually to determine if the recipient continues to be eligible for assistance.    Regulation 2(1)(l)

New Brunswick

When assistance is being paid, a review is made from time to time, as determined by the designated officer, to determine continuing eligibility and to assess the recipient's need for personal social services.    Regulation 12


A beneficiary shall submit to the Minister a complete statement of his situation and a short statement.  A complete statement must be submitted every twelve months.  A short statement must be submitted every month in the case of a beneficiary admitted to the Work and Employment Incentives Program.

Where a beneficiary is receiving benefits under the Financial Support Program or the Parental Wage Assistance Program, the short statement need be submitted only where his situation has changed.

The Minister shall cease paying benefits to a beneficiary receiving benefits under a last resort assistance program who does not submit a duly completed and signed short statement, unless the beneficiary shows that he was unable to do so.

A beneficiary receiving benefits under the Parental Wage Assistance Program who does not submit the short statement is deemed to have declared that his situation has not changed.    Act 65(2); Regulation 106

Ontario - Provincial

Review of client circumstances is conducted annually on a three-year cycle consisting of personal contacts and/or mail-out reports.  In the case of a sole-support family, a personal (face-to-face) contact must take place every twelve months (or whenever there is a change in the household's situation); households receiving GAINS-D benefits (see section 6.3) must complete and return a mail-out report annually for the first two years of the cycle and meet with the worker for the third review to complete the cycle.  Some client types (e.g., group home residents) are reviewed only using the mail-out report approach.  A home visit is not mandatory in the case of a personal contact between a client and a worker for review purposes, but it may be required in cases of suspected abuse (fraud), whenever the client requests additional benefits for home repairs, or when a senior program official requests such a visit.    Policy 02-02-03

Ontario - Municipal

Continuing eligibility for general assistance and the amount of assistance payable must be determined by periodic reviews (personal contact in person's home if possible) of each applicant's circumstances.  The frequency of reviews should be as follows:

a) at least every two months for:

- employable recipients;

- short-term unemployable recipients;

b) at least every six months for:

- all other cases;

- continuing eligibility for supplementary aid and special assistance.    Policy GW 0203-05

Manitoba - Provincial

Each recipient's circumstances are reviewed by the Director periodically and, in any case, not less than annually; the allowance will be adjusted accordingly.    Regulation 11

A computerized self-declaration eligibility review form is sent directly to a recipient on an annual basis and is to be completed and is returned by mail. Policy CO-21-02

Most clients served by Winnipeg district offices are to be visited at home once every two years for personal exchange of information; the home visit frequency in rural and northern Manitoba is yearly.    Policy CO-21-06-01

The Director of Income Security in each field office is responsible for review of 10% of the new and re-opened files each month.    Policy CO-21-06-01

Manitoba - Municipal

The Municipal Assistance Regulation stipulates that a municipality shall review the circumstances of each recipient's household periodically, at intervals of no less than one year, and adjust municipal assistance in accordance with any changes in the circumstances.   Regulation 19


The unit director reviews the recipient's circumstances with him to determine if he is still eligible and the amount of assistance to which he is entitled:

a) when he feels there may be, or has been, a change in circumstances;

b) not less than once a year.    Regulation 20

The review is carried out by personal interview except in static cases or cases in which the client has been personally interviewed by a worker once since the previous annual review; in these cases, an Annual Review Declaration by Mail form is to be used.    Policy 10-1-1


Federal-provincial cost-sharing requires a review and confirmation of client eligibility at least annually.  However, most Supports for Independence clients are exempted from the annual review process; instead, they are required to complete and submit a monthly Client Reporting Card (CRC), a Departmental form which facilitates client reporting of any changes in family size or financial circumstances and allows clients to report and substantiate any employment-related activity.  If a client does not return a CRC, his/her file will be closed; the cheque may be delayed where the client returns a late CRC or an incomplete or inaccurately completed CRC (which must be returned to the client for proper completion).  No CRC is required on behalf of a child in need in the home of a guardian (see section 2.11), a client of Emergency Support (transients, one-time issue cases and disaster service clients) and clients of the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program; some clients are also exempted from CRC requirements (for a maximum of six months at a time) where a worker deems that it would be difficult or impossible for the client to do so.   Policy 05-04-01

The Financial Benefits Worker is required to complete an annual review of client circumstances for the following types of clients:

- child in need in the home of a guardian

- Public Trustee cases

- recipients exempted from completing the CRC for more than six months (see previous paragraph).   Policy 05-04-01,05-08-01

British Columbia

Unemployable income assistance recipients must be re-interviewed at least annually approximately on the anniversary date of their original application; a new application for income assistance must be completed at that time.    Policy 3.12.3

Employable recipients must re-apply monthly if single or every four months where there is at least one dependent child.    Regulation 3.1,3.2


Where an application has been approved and assistance has been issued, the officer must, whenever he is of the opinion there may be or has been a change in the circumstances of the recipient, but in any event not less than once each year, review the financial resources and other circumstances of a recipient to determine if he is still eligible and the amount of assistance to which he is entitled.  These reviews must be recorded on a form approved by the Director and filed with the application of the recipient.    Regulation 12

Northwest Territories

A recipient who has been in monthly receipt of assistance in substantially similar amounts for a period of three months, and whose financial circumstances, in the opinion of an officer, are unlikely to change, may be issued assistance monthly, without financial review, for a period up to 12 months.  Otherwise, the Social Welfare Officer reviews individual cases on a monthly basis, or more often where a recipient's need for assistance changes.   Regulation 13; Provincial Contact

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