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A transient youth may be granted assistance for emergency needs only. Editorial Comment

Prince Edward Island

A transient person is a person who is present on Prince Edward Island but who has no place of residence on Prince Edward Island or whose apparent intent is to visit temporarily in Prince Edward Island. Regulation 1(w)

Assistance for eligible transients may be granted to cover needs such as the cost of a meal, overnight lodging in a hostel, or boat fare. Regulation 9

Nova Scotia - Provincial

No provincial policy concerning transients.

Nova Scotia - Municipal

In Nova Scotia, transient persons must apply for municipal social assistance. Each municipality is responsible for the design and administration of its own municipal assistance program. Policy

In Halifax, "Transient-Travelling" cases are not eligible for any assistance except for medical emergency cases; hostel accommodation for those travelling is often available through private groups.

Transient (homeless) families may obtain assistance with food and lodging for short periods from agencies such as the Salvation Army, Y.W.C.A., Bethany Home, Bryony House (for women), etc.; in these cases, the Halifax Social Planning Department may provide financial assistance to or on behalf of the individuals concerned.

New Brunswick

Assistance may be granted to persons in need residing in hostels for transients (maximum of two days) in accordance with rates approved by the designated officer. Regulation 19(2); N.B. Rate Book


No special policy regarding eligibility of transients.

Ontario - Provincial

Transients must apply for GWA.

Ontario - Municipal

A transient or homeless person shall be deemed to reside in the municipality, territory without municipal organization or on the reserve, as the case may be, where he or she applies for assistance. Assistance to transients or homeless persons cannot be refused because they do not have a fixed address in the municipality or a conventional dwelling place, nor can applicants be deemed ineligible where a home visit has not been completed. A homeless person may refuse assistance offered on an "in-kind" basis (i.e., a stay in a hostel) except in cases of repeated past abuse (i.e., receiving cash assistance and making use of a hostel). Regulation 1(5); Policy 0302-09; Prov. Contact


In Manitoba, transients must apply for municipal social assistance. Persons travelling through Winnipeg and requesting assistance may be provided with:

- one day's food allowance and bus fare to the city limits,

- on weekends, sufficient food for the number of days until the next working day.

A transient travelling by car may receive a tankful of gas and food allowance in Winnipeg. Policy p. 53


A person who is not a resident of a locality, travelling with or without dependants, is eligible for free health services for urgent medical problems and financial assistance for food, shelter, travel, vehicle repairs (if practical) and other emergency needs for a period not exceeding four working days. Policy 13-1-20


A transient is any person who does not have a fixed address in Alberta and who does not intend to establish a permanent residence within the province. Eligible transients may receive assistance only for the following:

- "Non-Emergency Travel" allowance for transportation, food and accommodation (see section 5.3.9"k");

- "Emergency Allowance" for food, accommodation, replacement clothes, child care and transportation (see section 5.3.9"n");

- Emergency medical needs (ambulance, medical/surgical supplies, optical and dental services).

Policy 02-03-11

British Columbia

"Transient" means a single individual or childless couple having no fixed address and who, in the opinion of the Director, is not now making a permanent residence within the community where application for income assistance is made. Temporary residence in a hotel, motel, or at the residence of a relative or acquaintance does not necessarily constitute a fixed address for an individual. Regulation 2(19)

NOTE : See Sections 3.2 for earnings exemptions, 4.1 for asset limits and 5.2.10 (note "j") for benefits.


A transient is defined as a person with or without dependents, who has no fixed address in Yukon and has not held at least three months of full-time employment within the twelve months prior to application. Temporary residence in a hotel, motel, campground, hostel or the residence of a relative or acquaintance does not constitute a fixed address. Emergency assistance may be provided to transients in order to prevent unnecessary hardship. Policy 8/11; Amended 30-04-82

Northwest Territories

A transient person is defined as one who has spent less than 3 months in the Territories, who has not established a fixed residence and who indicates his or her intention to move on. Such persons may be eligible for assistance. An employable transient may be granted the approved allowance for boarding care for a period not to exceed 3 days. Policy p. 2-11, No. 2.4.2; Regs. Sched. "B", No. 4(2)

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