Noel 2014
Season's Greetings to one and all!

The Canadian Social Research Links Guy

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Bing Crosby Himself - the original.
The best. Every Mom's favourite.

Santa and the Reindeer (the cartoon version)

The Drifters
Bill Pinkney's Original Drifters rendition of "White Christmas" made famous by the movie "Home Alone". [NOTE : It's also the version that inspired the cartoon version above.]

Frank Sinatra - The Mob version.

Diana Krall - I'm dreaming of a soft, jazzy, laid back white Christmas

Dean Martin - Dreaming of a White Rat Pack Christmas

Billy Idol - Bing Crosby with a nipple ring...

Michael Bolton and Placido Domingo

Taylor Swift (gag-me-with-a-spoon country version)


Something else besides White Christmas:

Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix (video, duration 4:14)

All I Want for Christmas Is You: Mariah Carey and Jimmy Fallon get their Christmas groove on! (video, duration 3:36)
Watch for the scene-stealing little chorus girls (especially the second from the left - what a cutie!) who pop up starting at 1:03.

The 20 Worst Christmas Songs Ever
- includes "All I Want For Christmas Is You" --- the sexed-up version by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber, wherein Mariah Carey gets all flirty with the Bieber-boy. Turns out that Carey is six years older than Bieber's own mother. Ooooooh, Babeeee....

Blue Christmas - by Porky Pig

Jingle Cats

Jingle Dogs

So This Is Christmas - by John Lennon

A Holiday Wish - A Dialogue by Steve Martin
(audio only, but it's a Steve Martin classic!)


Christmas Light Videos:

* Christmas Lights Gangnam Style
* Wizards in Winter - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
* Queen of the Winter Night - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* More Christmas Light videos


The Ultimate Christmas Light Video:
If you liked the Christmas light shows above, you're sure (?!?) to love this:

"Jingle Bells" at Canadian Social Research Links Manor
- a sound and light spectacular on my front porch!

NOT video:

- T'was the Night d’avant Noël
(A special treat for bilingual visitors!)

- My Winter Solstice Holiday Wish to You All!
< Winter Solstice? What's that? >

You say Christmas and I say XMAS.
(Let's call the whole thing off...)


Click the photo or this link
for a larger version of the photo
of The Canadian Social Research Links Guy
dressed for the occasion.
The photo is from Christmas 2004.
[Note to self : Update photo. Maybe next year.]

Merry Christmas!
(and happy holidays to everyone who isn't celebrating Christmas!)

Gilles (link to my personal page)

Grinches Only:

Bah Humbug! (Google Search December 13, 2014 : 1,490,000 search results)


Any resemblance between this Christmas page and my previous years' Christmas pages is purely coincidental.


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