My $32.50 Fish
(September 2, 2002)

Ontario resident fishing license : $18.50
Lunch :                                        Free
Gas for the motor:                      $14.00

Farmer tan :  Free

Catch-o-the-day :

Bonding experience with my favourite uncle : PRICELESS
Long story short : went to Bancroft (2.5 hrs from Ottawa, where I live) to visit my uncle (only three yrs older than I am) last Thursday and Friday, where I fished for the first time in three years. We had a great day on the water and a wonderful visit overall...

I thought I'd show you a photo of my prize catch.
Right after this photo was taken, the sunfish pricked my finger with his spiny dorsal fin as if to say good-bye, and I heaved him back into the lake to fight another day. No fish or humans were mistreated or injured during this event except where I ripped the crap outa my shin getting out of the boat.

Hope you've had (or are still having...) a terrific summer!

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